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World’s first NFT Marketplace built on

The Nakamoto Standard. Be Inspired!
Inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision — imagine a world with no third party.  At Kalakar we aim to do just that.  We strive to provide a fair and transparent marketplace that allows artists or other content creators to showcase their content directly to their fans or audience in a true peer-to-peer fashion without the need for third parties or middlemen for any transactions.  Artists get paid directly in their Litecoin Wallet.

Discover Kalakar

Are you an artist? An educator? A developer? A band leader? A student? A parent?
Whatever your role, we can help you reach your audience and make a real difference in the world. At Kalakar, we’re creating a platform for anyone to showcase their work—whether it’s art, music, or education using NFTs. We’re ready to disrupt every industry and make it ready for Web 3.0.
We’re looking forward to working with all kinds of people who want to make this world a better place through innovation and creativity!

Litecoin Exclusive NFT Marketplace

  • Powered on the OmniLite blockchain, Kalakar provides a marketplace to buy and sell NFTs exclusively with Litecoin.
  • Kalakar is built with our unique understanding and vision of the future of cryptocurrency transactions.
  • We envision that everyday transactions such as the buying and selling of NFTs will occur exclusively on OmniLite, the
  • Powered on the Litecoin blockchain.

Why Litecoin NFTs?

  • Litecoin has a limited supply of 84 million only
  • Litecoin’s transaction fee is $0.04, whereas that of Ethereum is $0.85 per transaction
  • Litecoin has the capability of crowdsourcing funds for new projects
  • Litecoin has a cap on the number of coins released because once it is reached, no new coins flow into the system.

Our Features

Programmable NFT with Script

Nakamoto Standard of Scarcity

Built in Micro Payments

Residual and many other financial capabilities

User experience is our passion


Welcome to Kalakar

Follow your friends and Family.
Share your NFTs on other social media platforms.
MiiCoin Credits for all New users.

Additional Features


QR Codes


Smart Contracts


Be Inspired!

Imagine if you could upload your music or media to Kalakar, and then get paid directly by the viewer of your content?
That’s what we’re working on at Kalakar. We’re building a technology that allows you to make money from your content without having to wait for payment from a third party.
And it gets even better: Kalakar gives options to artists to their content in multiple variations like Pay-per-view and Pay-per-second. Instead of uploading and distributing like traditional ways and waiting for your earnings from a third party, you get paid directly in your wallet!
MiiCoin is the first ever utility token created on the Litecoin network. It features a smart contract to maximize and enhance performance on all incoming and outgoing transactions, including exchanges and withdraws.
We are dedicated to providing our users with an easy-to-use platform that enhances their experience with digital currency.
The internet was created to share information and make it easier for people to connect with each other. But today, we’re seeing a shift back toward a more distributed and decentralized way of doing things. That’s why we built Kalakar (i.e., The Artist): to give artists the tools they need to build their own sustainable businesses and stay connected with their fans around the world.


  1. Q1 2022
    • Vision & Concept
    • Research & Analysis
    • Team Recruitment
  2. Q2 2022
    • Platform Development
    • Evolution & Innovation
    • Introduced Micropayments
    • UI/UX Designed
  3. Q3 2022
    • Beta Launch
    • Crowdfunding
    • Global expansion
  4. Q4 2022
    • Meet & Greet at LTC Summit
    • API Integration
    • Developer Portal
    • Android Application (BETA)
  5. Q1 2023
    • Wallet Development
    • Social media marketing
    • KYC Integration(Global)
  6. Q2 2023
    • iOS Application (BETA)
    • Technology Collaborations
    • Artist Collaborations
    • Public Launch

Our Tech Partners

Our Team


Founder & CEO


Co-founder/The Artist




Web developer


A Non-Fungible Token, also called as NFT is a digital piece of art or any other asset, which is unique and has no other equivalent. The uniqueness of the asset is verified and authenticated through blockchain and provides proof of ownership.

NFTs are sold on the blockchain and using those, incurs charges. These charges are referred to as GAS FEES. The cost of gas fee for each transaction varies as all operations taken up on blockchain cost gas, be it minting or selling or transferring an NFT and even bidding for one.
Technically speaking yes. You can create your NFT in any format you wish to create it in. Kalakar supports a range of formats for your NFTs. These include JPG, PNG, GIF, MP3, WAV, WEBM, MP4, TXT and more.
The pay-as-you-stream model allows consumers to pay just for what they stream, without being nickel and dimed by fees for extra services. Many users appreciate this direct relationship with the artist — as well as being able to set their own budget for a new album or movie.
Inspired by 
Flexible out-of-the-box solution

Charge users per article, download, second of video, temporary website access – or simply ask for a donation. We offer all the tools out of the box, you decide in a whole universe of new monetization possibilities.

Global and currency-agnostic

Wherever your audience is located, whatever currency they operate: We take the hassle out of global payments.

Low costs and instant payouts

Thanks to blockchain technology, you receive your earnings at the same juncture your users pay – irreversibly and with lower fees compared to any traditional payment procedure.

Traditional crowdfunding is often a long and painful process. You have to convince many people of your startup’s value, which is difficult. Blockchain-based crowdfunding eliminates the need for trusted third parties when raising money, making it smoother and faster for investors and entrepreneurs alike.
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