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How Litecoin is going to make “Proof of Attendance” better than ever?

Proof of Attendance” POA” is a protocol that creates digital badges or collectibles with blockchain technology. We are working hard here at Kakr Labs to bring transparency to every ecosystem and make it a safe and secure place like never before. 

Imagine your school, college or university degrees, and diplomas awarded through blockchain. Typically, the unique NFTs are given out for free to attendees, which serves as verifiable proof that the holders attended the school. 

POA are minted through as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Litecoin Omnilite blockchain. They are tokens created to celebrate and record the attendance of any event or program. You could compare POAs with a collection of concert tickets, except that they are digital and secured by blockchain technology as NFTs. 

Each “POA” badge has a unique serial number and can be collected in your Crypto Wallet as a digital representation of the holders’ life experiences.  According to the team, “POA” was designed to highlight that Litecoin can achieve such a transparent and powerful protocol. 

We believe that blockchain will revolutionize the way degrees are issued and make the process of issuing digitally more efficient. This will be achieved through a decentralized solution Eliminating intermediaries, reducing costs, and giving value to users in a safe environment. We really hope that this article was useful to you and gave you a good understanding of the token: POA! 

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