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A Non-Fungible Token, also called as NFT is a digital file or any other asset, which is unique and has no other equivalent. The uniqueness of the asset is verified and authenticated through blockchain and provides proof of ownership.
NFT 2.0 is an upgraded experience, and a new wave of solutions to deploy decentralization and revolutionize modern-day Industries. We are proud to set up an advanced industry standard with blockchain. Moreover, FT 2.0 would also incur direct b2b solutions for artists, academics, Freelancers, Educators, Employers, Students, and alike.

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Technically speaking yes. You can create your NFT in any format you wish to create it in. Kakr Labs supports a range of formats for your NFTs. These include JPG, PNG, GIF, MP3, WAV, WEBM, MP4, TXT and more.
The pay-as-you-stream model allows consumers to pay just for what they stream, without being nickel and dimed by fees for extra services. Many users appreciate this direct relationship with the artist — as well as being able to set their own budget for a new album or movie.
Inspired by Satoshipay.io Flexible out-of-the-box solution

Charge users per article, download, second of video, temporary website access – or simply ask for a donation. We offer all the tools out of the box, you decide in a whole universe of new monetization possibilities.

Global and currency-agnostic

Wherever your audience is located, whatever currency they operate: We take the hassle out of global payments.

Low costs and instant payouts

Thanks to blockchain technology, you receive your earnings at the same juncture your users pay – irreversibly and with lower fees compared to any traditional payment procedure.