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Course of Action

Q1 2022

Founded Kakr Labs

Began our journey.
Q2 2022

Micropayments & NFT 2.0

Introduced new tech.
Q3 2022

Microsoft for Startups

Joined the program.
Q4 2022

Litecoin Summit

Engaged with the community.
Q1 2023

Cyto Wallet Initiation

Development started.
Q2 2023

Self-Custody Wallet

Introduced privacy features.
Q3 2023

Pteri & Proof of Attendance Protocol

Tested successfully.
Q4 2023

Events & Workshops

Beta testing and community building.
Q1 2024

Step-by-Step Launch

Pteri Explorer & Cyto Wallet.

Let's collaborate and create

Mission: To produce the most trusted, secure, seamless, and transparent platform to promote a decentralized world.

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Designed for seamless interaction with SDAs, Tokens, and DApps, Cyto Wallet offers self-custody capabilities while remaining at the forefront of ongoing technological advancements on the Litecoin blockchain. Learn More


Pteri serves as a comprehensive explorer for blockchain transactions and is set to evolve into a robust DApp delivery viewer. Seamlessly integrated with the Litecoin blockchain, it provides real-time insights and functionalities crucial for both developers and end-users.

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Decentralized Applications

Unlock endless possibilities with decentralized app development on Litecoin. Our robust platform equips you with the tools you need to create, launch, and scale DApps with unparalleled security and efficiency. With lower transaction costs and faster confirmation times compared to other leading platforms, Litecoin is the ideal ecosystem for your next decentralized application. Join us to experience the future of DApps, today.

Proof of Attendance

  • Immutable Record.
  • Timestamped.
  • Enhanced Data Integrity.
  • Innovation.

Proof of Loyalty

  • Enhanced Transparency
  • Digital ID Integration
  • Tokenized Miles.
  • Interoperability.

Aptitude Verification Protocol

  • Credibility.
  • Market Trust
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Talent Monetization
Poised to build on the Litecoin ecosystem?

Litecoin as a Service (LiaaS)


  • 100% Uptime.
  • 2.5-minute block time.
  • Robust Infrastructure.
  • Proven Track Record.

Low Fees

  • Minimal costs.
  • Suits microtransactions.
  • Adaptive fees.


  • Proof-of-Work.
  • Double-Spend Resistant.
  • Decentralized Network.

Partners: Powering Innovation Together

They have faith in us, and we reciprocate that trust.

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What is Kakr Labs?

Kakr Labs is a Web 3 startup focused on building cutting-edge solutions on the Litecoin blockchain. We specialize in SDAs, dApps, and APIs to spur real innovation in the space.

What are the services you offer?

We offer a wide range of services including blockchain development, NFT minting, and API integration, among others.

How is Kakr Labs different from other Web 3 startups?

We're the first company that's actively building on the Litecoin blockchain. Our exclusive focus on Litecoin-based assets and protocols sets us apart.

What are the benefits of using Kakr Labs solutions?

Our solutions offer the security, transparency, and efficiency of blockchain technology, thus providing businesses with streamlined operations and reduced costs.

How can I stay updated on Kakr Labs?

We frequently post updates, articles, and other content on our blog. You can also follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter.

What are Secured Digital Assets (SDAs)?

SDAs are digital assets safeguarded through cryptographic mechanisms ensuring their authenticity, integrity, and ownership. They can range from digital currencies to non-fungible tokens (SDAs).

How does Kakr Labs utilize SDAs?

Kakr Labs harnesses the power of the Litecoin blockchain to create, manage, and transact SDAs, ensuring top-tier security and transparency for all our users.

Are SDAs on Kakr Labs interoperable with other blockchains?

Currently, our SDAs operate on the Litecoin blockchain. We’re continuously exploring opportunities for cross-chain interactions and will keep our community updated.

What are Secured Digital Records (SDRs)?

SDRs are digitally stored information or datasets that have been cryptographically secured to ensure their authenticity and integrity. They serve as tamper-proof records on the blockchain.

How does Kakr Labs use SDRs?

At Kakr Labs, we employ SDRs to maintain transparent and immutable records of transactions, agreements, and other critical data, ensuring trustworthiness and ease of verification.

Are SDRs similar to Smart Contracts?

While both employ blockchain technology, SDRs focus on recording and securing data, whereas smart contracts automate and enforce contract terms using code.

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