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World's first NFT Marketplace built on
The Nakamoto Standard.
Be Inspired!

Our Mission

Inspired by Satoshi’s Vision, imagine a world with no third party, At Kalakar we want to do just that. We strive to provide a fair and transparent marketplace that allows artists or anyone to showcase their content directly to their fans or audience, without the need for middlemen for any transactions. Creator gets paid directly in their Litecoin Wallet.

Come see us at Litecoin Summit in Las Vegas!

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Kalakar is the blockchain based marketplace that allows any form of content to be showcased using NFT. Whether an artist wants to showcase their latest song, or an educator wants to educate their students on a new topic or subject matter, this platform provides a unique way for anyone to provide and sell innovative solutions in order to solve their problems. Kalakar is ready to disrupt every industry and make it ready for Web 3.0
Kalakar plans to integrate with existing and future Blockchain companies as well. If you are a DEV, Artist, or Investor or like to participate in our mission by any means, feel free to send us a message. Building Satoshi’s vision a reality will take a whole generation around the Globe to achieve. Team Kalakar is ready to give its 100%.
Inspired by few and looking to boost many is our journey!
We are a Bitcoin company built on Litecoin & our shares on Ethereum ERC-884 and complete exposure to blockchain. We choose Litecoin blockchain cause it’s similar to its Big brother bitcoin with extra features like script programming. Remember only 84 Million Litecoin where the proof of value is stored.


  • Programmable NFT with Script
  • Nakamoto Standard of Scarcity
  • Built in Micro Payments
  • Residual and many other financial capabilities
  • Global Reach
  • User experience is our passion


Micropayments are small transactions or payments usually of less than a dollar—and, in some cases, only a fraction of a cent—mainly made online. Micropayments are a way to leverage the internet to facilitate the immediate distribution of digital rights, royalties, in-game purchases, online tipping, and even to coordinate devices connected via the internet of things (IoT).
Imagine music and media launched at Kalakar as NFT instead of a significant network studio that keeps most of the profit from the content. At Kalakar, we are busy building tech where The Artist gets paid directly by the viewer of the content without any third party. All made possible with micropayments
Moreover, Kalakar gives options to artists to their content in multiple variations like Pay-per-view and Pay-per-second. Instead of uploading and distributing like traditional ways and waiting for your earnings from a third party, you get paid directly in your wallet.

We’ve Built a Platform for artists.

GET INVOLVED AND STAY CONNECTED. Here at Kalakar (i.e., The Artist), we believe in freedom by all means; the inception of the internet gave rise to the concept of digitalization sharing for the initial period, starting with Sean Parker’s Napster model of a free peer-to-peer sharing web. Today, consumer-facing apps have revolutionized how we access music, but much more could be achieved here at Kalakar.
For the artists who make it. The fans who crave it. And the worlds it opens up. We’re not just making NFTs”s, and we’re in service of Satoshi Nakamoto.


MiiCoin is a utility token created on the Litecoin network, also featuring a smart contract to maximize and enhance performance on all incoming and outgoing transactions.
Note: All exchanges and withdraws are real-time prices.


Come say hi!

We are excited to announce that we will be at Litecoin Summit in October, in Las Vegas. We are looking forward to meeting everyone, so set up an appointment with us now!
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    Read Our Documents

    Here is our full documents that help you to understand deeply about us and our operation

    • White Paper
    • Terms Of Coin Sale
    • Privaci & Policy
    • One Pager

    Our Team

    photo1660506115-pt9lz3xcp0q8ur54oex8f8rmepk3q9rn1g7sro5ngs-removebg-preview (1)
    Founder & ceo
    Co-founder/ The Artist
    Web developer

    Our Tech Partners

    Microsoft Azure
    Omni Lite


    A Non-Fungible Token, also called as NFT is a digital piece of art or any other asset, which is unique and has no other equivalent. The uniqueness of the asset is verified and authenticated through blockchain and provides proof of ownership.
    NFTs are sold on the blockchain and using those, incurs charges. These charges are referred to as GAS FEES. The cost of gas fee for each transaction varies as all operations taken up on blockchain cost gas, be it minting or selling or transferring an NFT and even bidding for one.
    Technically speaking yes. You can create your NFT in any format you wish to create it in. Kalakar supports a range of formats for your NFTs. These include JPG, PNG, GIF, MP3, WAV, WEBM, MP4, TXT and more.
    pay-as-you-stream model, in which users pay reasonable amounts directly to the artist as they consume music, watch movies, read content, etc.
    Inspired by Satoshipay.io 
    Flexible out-of-the-box solution

    Charge users per article, download, second of video, temporary website access - or simply ask for a donation. We offer all the tools out of the box, you decide in a whole universe of new monetization possibilities.

    Global and currency-agnostic

    Wherever your audience is located, whatever currency they operate: We take the hassle out of global payments.

    Low costs and instant payouts

    Thanks to blockchain technology, you receive your earnings at the same juncture your users pay - irreversibly and with lower fees compared to any traditional payment procedure.